Supply Chain Technology

Time Logistics ELITE TMS

We are excited to announce the official "Go-Live" of our new Enterprise Strategy which is backed by our customized ELITE TMS!  Powered by MercuryGate, we offer Industry Leading Technology which complements our Managed Transportation Solutions.

Focused around the Big 3 "C's" (Customer, Change and Cost) the Time Logistics strategy for selling Technology Solutions is to:

  • Give our customers a strategic advantage
  • Increase supply chain visibility
  • Provide continuous improvement

TMS as a Strategic Advantage

If your goals are to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, remove complexities or enhance the service you offer your customers, our ELITE TMS Solutions can help you gain the strategic advantage you are looking for.

  • Improve customer service
  • Grow your business
  • Reduce your costs
  • Access to better data and information

Supply Chain Visibility

Managing the supply chain in an era where the visibility of the freight has become more valuable than the freight itself, our ELITE TMS can help provide the real time visibility across all modes that you and customers now require.  This improved visibility enables you to:

  • Increase the speed of information to your customers
  • Reduce administrative costs associated with tracking and tracing
  • Manage all orders from one a single platform
  • See all freight in transit in one place across all modes

Continuous Improvement

As Industry experts predict, the shippers who lead in the area of Visibility, Execution, Optimization and Performance win! Our ELITE TMS solutions help provide the continuous improvement your supply chain needs.

  • Establish cost baselines
  • Optimize business continually
  • Remove overhead expenses
  • Measure KPIs and improve on them from use of your data
  • Maximize productivity
  • Save time and improve decision making

Why customers choose our ELITE TMS:

  • It is a web-based solution that presents all modes and all transportation information in one spot.
  • It can easily integrate with many ERP systems, which can help provide a single picture of all things from inventory through to your customer delivery.
  • With all modes and all carrier agreements in one spot, choosing the right mode and carrier is simple with our customer portal and rate shop functions.
  • It is fully integrated with carrier partners making it simple to check transit times, reduce time spent tracking down freight, and pull reports ad-hoc.
  • It is easily customized to meet the individual needs of our customers.
  • Being powered by Mercury Gate, we take advantage of continuous enhancements that the user community recommends.

How costs are reduced through our ELITE TMS solutions:

  • Dealing with appointment conflicts, driver issues, weight discrepancies, weather delays and the like can be costly to catch and costly to fix.  Our ELITE TMS makes these exceptions visible so that we can focus only on the problem areas and delivery quick resolution.
  • Easily rate shop and select carriers across multiple modes, create shipping documents, tender shipments, track shipments to their destination and more.
  • Eliminating the need for significant capital investment on your part, our ELITE TMS is hosted, flexible and scalable. We adapt as your business grows or your needs change and provide the technical support to do so.
  • Eliminate the need to track and trace, audit freight bills, manage location specific delivery needs and outsource risk to logistics experts.

How we help overcome the fear of change:

  • We have a flexible and well planned approach to on-board and implement new customers into our ELITE TMS technology
  • We communicate the benefits and train users on the processes
  • We follow the business rules our customers outline for us and customize each TMS instance with that in mind
  • We continually improve processes and ensure connectivity