Supply Chain Optimization

Solution Overview

If you face critical decisions that affect your entire supply chain, it can be helpful to consult with innovative experts. Whether those decisions are as complex as redesigning your entire network or as simple as understanding benchmark transportation costs, we evaluate all scenarios.

By combining supply chain expertise with Industry leading technology and data analytics; we create solutions geared around making you more competitive.  Contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our supply chain optimization professionals.

The Basics

If your goals are to save money or increase your speed to delivery, our Basics optimization solution may be right choice.

Basic optimization of mode, price and lead time are second nature here at Time Logistics.  We use customer specific data to begin our analysis and optimize based on customer objectives while still considering operational constraints.

Our Basics supply chain optimization will help you:

Determine the least-cost shipping mode Determine the least-cost providers Determine the fastest providers to get products delivered quickly Determine if rates you are paying are in line with the industry given your freight profile Determine if you are shipping from the distribution point while considering transportation costs

It all begins with data!

We use data to get a graphical picture of your current supply chain, so that a baseline can be determined.  We then add your specific goals and run optimization scenarios that align with your overall goals.

This is an iterative process, so constant dialogue is a base requirement and many scenarios will be discussed along the way as we work and incorporate your specific constraints.


Once analysis is complete, we offer our custom solutions to support any supply chain transformation you may want to implement. Using our technology, our expertise and our ability to procure capacity we help you meet your ultimate goals through our optimization solutions.

Distribution & Consolidation

If your goals are more complex than what our Basic solution set provides, Time Logistics can also further optimize to look for added savings by considering pool distribution, zone skipping or consolidation opportunities.



When evaluating pool distribution or consolidation solutions we are focused on turning parcel into LTL, LTL into TL and TL into IMDL:

Use the lowest cost mode or combine modes together for merge in transit solutions Look for ways to share capacity with other freight we move Build load plans that force lowest cost per pound solutions and modes first Consider all operational constraints and delivery requirements

It all begins with data!

We use your data to run various pool distribution, consolidation or zone skipping scenarios in our optimization software.  We establish a direct cost baseline prior to optimization and then determine cost savings as we apply modes, carriers and lead time requirements.

This is a complicated and iterative process, and we bounce ideas off regularly to ensure that we consider all constraints and hit your objectives and customer requirements.

Once analysis is complete, we offer our custom solutions to support any supply chain transformation you many want to implement.  Using our technology, our expertise and capacity solutions we can quickly implement the most complicated of optimization solutions.

Project Level Optimization "PRECISE"

We are excited to officially launch our new PRECISE Solution! Pivoting off of our core print media Solutions where we optimize by mode and price to develop load plans to hit specific in-home and insertion dates; all while considering production cycles and carrier lead times PRECISE was born!


"P"- Pre-planning

"R"- Route Optimization

"E"- Execution

"C"- Carrier Selection & Management

"I" - Invoice Customization

"S"- Service

"E"- Enterprise Approach

In this stage of our process, we engage with our customers on the opportunity specifics and focus on:

Data and freight analysis

Product specifics assimilation

Schedule and capabilities for outbound  and inbound flow

In this stage of our process, we are completely focused on optimizing cost for our customers:

Coordinating inbound and outbound cycles and due dates with shippers, consignees and carriers

Looking for ways to consolidate or co-pallet

Ensuring we take advantage of every multi-modal option

In this stage of our process we are completely focused on getting it done for our customers:

We outline all the operational procedures and assemble the team of experts on our side to make it happen.

We determine the needs for reporting and gain insight into how compliance is measured.

We load the project details into our ELITE TMS so that we can share full visibility to all freight flow in real time.

We then obtain final sign off on the project execution details and get rolling!

In this stage of our process, we are completely focused on ensuring the right mix of capacity partners:

We can use our carriers or your own, there is no hard rule

We use those carrier partners who are committed to serving the needs of our customers first and foremost

We consider safety and on time compliance ratings

We ensure the right mode at the right time with the right equipment


In this stage of our process we are completely focused on ensuring that we meet the invoice requirements for our customers:

We audit and approve all carrier charges prior to invoicing our customers, which includes managing any and all claims that may occur.

We are able to customize invoice by various rating types and formats.

We can invoice in a shipment, weekly or project level basis.