As Business Development Manager, Dalton is responsible for overseeing the recruiting, training, and development of our sales department, marketing, corporate and employee communications, and CRM software administration. Dalton has been involved with Time Logistics since the early age of 15 when he started with company part-time doing everything from Tracking, Dispatch, and Carrier Development. After completing his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Alabama in International Commerce, with minors in Sales and Management, Dalton went on to expand his professional experience outside of the company working as IT Technical Recruiter. There he gained hands-on high-level experience of B2B sales, recruiting, professional development training, and leadership.

He returned full-time to Time Logistics at the beginning of 2022 with the goal of growing and developing our Sales department to not only provide the best service and industry knowledge to our clients but create an environment to help people interested in Sales and Supply Chain become experts in their field and reach success in their careers.